The pieces in the BONDED collection are created through the bonding of a thick layer of 10 or 14 Karat Gold to Sterling Silver. The resulting material has a permanently affixed layer of Karat Gold to Sterling Silver.

Legitimate BONDED collections, which began as a study in everyday classics for precious metal value, have now become the industry’s standard for affordable precious metal jewelry. Product creations continue to evolve each season to now include exclusive styles in fashion necklaces, pendants and earrings.


The 10-14 Karat Gold layer is mechanically bonded to the Sterling Silver by a Proprietary Technology of mechanically bonding.

MECHANICALLY BONDED: Metal surfaces are arranged in face to face relationship and compressed together. Two metals are brazed together, (Applying heat and optionally adding a filler metal, solder). The Bonded result is also accomplished through a process of High pressure, Cold and Hot, Bonding which are both currently employed to make Gold Filled.

The process starts by first creating a sheet of 10/14 Kt gold thick and a thick billet of sterling silver.

The material is then fused together with a proprietary process that uses heat and pressure to form a uniform metallurgical bond changing the two materials into one.

The following is a blown up cross section of both Bonded and Plated showing an obvious difference in the thickness and discernable layering.


The pieces are created using the same construction process as a fine Karat Gold piece.


Pieces should be cared for and cleaned in the same manner as a Karat Gold piece.

Sterling Silver & Karat (14K or 10K) Gold Collections

Each piece must be stamped with 925 (for silver) + the fraction of gold for that piece and the Gold Karat which is 10K or 14K. Example: 925 + 1/20 10K

Bonded’s Biggest Feature = Affordability!

Your customers can once again afford more fashion forward and bolder looks at affordable price points while using precious metals without being affected by the recent rise in the price of gold.

Calculation of Gold Content

Example:  10% Bonded 14K on Sterling Sheet

To keep things simple, let’s consider a piece 0.010 thick, 1” wide and 1” long.

• Since the total thickness is .010 and the 14K layer is 10% of the total thickness , the thickness of the 14k is .001 and the sterling is .009