Bonded Marketing


Product descriptions should never mislead the consumer. This is especially important for jewelry manufactured with different metals and in various combinations of gold.















Advertising should plainly inform the consumer of the relative amounts of the precious metals, Sterling Silver and Karat Gold. When gold covers the silver, the article should be described by first naming the majority metal followed by the predominant process by which karat gold was applied over the sterling silver.

A proper example for Bonded product would be “Sterling Silver with mechanically bonded 14K Gold” or “Sterling Silver bonded with 10K Gold”.

Other applications of gold covering silver should be equally clear to the consumer. Example, “Sterling Silver, covered, coated or Electroplated with 14K Gold” or “Sterling Silver surface flash plated with 18K Gold”.






Reference: FTC Guides §23.4 Misrepresentation as to gold content


  1. It is unfair or deceptive to misrepresent the presence of gold or gold alloy in an industry product, or the quantity or karat fineness of gold or gold alloy contained in the product, or the karat fineness, thickness, weight ratio, or manner of application of any gold or gold alloy, plating, covering or coating on any surface of an industry product or part thereof.